MFN Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Answer: Since the network started on Apr, 1st 2012, it`s growing fast and connecting more than 120 freight forwarders around the globe.
Answer: Multimodal Freight Network provides Full access for members directory info to network members only and list of port and members throw Network coverage.
Answer: You can decide on each event or annual meeting whether you want to attend. By joining the network, you will benefit from the members special fees and services.
Answer: We are not a freight forwarder company or looking for having agents as part of our network. The network is focused on connecting freight forwarders around the world and provide the proper atmosphere through events and other services to encourage business between members.
Answer: Networking events are an important part of developing and growing business for freight forwarders. To cover the four different regions in the world, we aim to organize one event in each region annually. Attendees can attend all events or focus on the ones they see it fit with their business plans. Our event organization team handle all the details to make sure your journey worth the time and effort while providing the maximum level of comfort and convenience.
Answer: Multimodal Freight Network applies a privacy policy that give access to this information to network members only.
Answer: Our policy doesn`t permit free trial for non-members.
Answer: Part of our network services is to keep only high quality members within the network to ensure quality services for business conducted between its members. The rigorous process we have for qualifying and accepting members within the network is one of the ways that guarantee only high quality members are part of our members. Our privacy policy allows access to this information to network members only.
Answer: Our approach is to be very selective in designating and accepting members to guarantee high quality and professional services when conducting business with the accepted member. With the current market size, we adopt one member per port per country, however, this policy goes with market dynamics changes and will be amended and sent for approval to all our members in case needed.
Answer: The payment protection amount will be paid directly by the network without the involvement of any insurance company, provided all requirements and conditions are met to proceed with eligible transactions
First year of membership has no cover.
Second year of membership cover up to USD 10,000
Third year of membership covers up to USD 20,000
Forth year of membership covers up to USD 30.000
Fifth year of membership covers up to USD 50.000
Answer: We believe that the current market can accommodate specialized freight forwarders that handle business with specific port in each country. Our policy adopt to market changes and amendments can take place when we see changes to the market dynamics as well.
Answer: Our network encourage conducting business between our members by announcing the new member services offered on regular basis and share business leads, project news, etc. to help grow and develop business through our network. We also make sure to conduct adequate number of events throughout the year to help networking with elite members to open doors for mutual cooperation for business development.