MFN Pointing System

Multimodal freight network always looking for the benefits to the members and to encouraging them to work together and based on this principle we are pleased to announce our pointing system program that will help and return money back to our members whom works together.

Introducing the pointing system as a new benefit to the network members with the following structure and rules.

Pointing System Levels

Silver Level

Fees: $50
Startup points: 100
1 point for each $1 spent

Gold Level

Fees: $100
Startup points: 150
1.5 point for each $1 spent

Platinum Level

Fees: $200
Startup points: 350
2.5 point for each $1 spent

What can qualify for counting points

The options we thought about was to increase members activities within the network

  • Money paid through transactions between network members 1 point per $1.
  • Money paid for attending events 2 points per $1.
  • Membership annual fees.
  • Event Sponsorship.
  • Referral for new members and enrollment of new members to the network.

Maximum points to redeem within a year

We want to encourage activities without limiting accumulating points but limiting
redemption per year

  • Money paid through 50% of membership fees.
  • Min to redeem the points when account reach 1000 point.
  • Validity of 1 year from date of earning.

Points can be redeemed for:

Our goal to let members feel they can use it in several ways and not restricted only
to membership fees

  • Membership renewal fees.
  • Event fees.
  • Tour fees.
  • Custom giveaways printing.
  • Banners / Roll ups.

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