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amazon founder bezos to be inducted into logistics hall of fame

Post On 19-08-2017

amazon founder bezos to be inducted into logistics hall of fame

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is to be inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame for his company’s role in developing e-commerce logistics.

The Logistics Hall of Fame is based in Germany and says he has been honoured as a “revolutioniser of e-commerce and logistics”.

Bezos will be officially inducted in a ceremony at the annual Logistics Hall of Fame Gala in the Erich Klausener Hall of the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin on 9 November.

The Logistics Hall of Fame says: “Jeff Bezos can claim to have revolutionised logistics in the mail order sector. In the words of the jury, he was the first to realise that software and logistics are key to the shift from purchasing-driven trading to demand-driven online trading.

“Thanks to a combination of software, efficient delivery, automation and long-term strategy, the computer scientist transformed transport logistics and intralogistics from the ground up, making Amazon a benchmark for the sector as a whole.

“Almost any technological development is nowadays influenced by e-commerce and many innovations are geared exclusively towards e-commerce. Bezos also impressively demonstrated that innovative logistics make an important contribution to corporate success.”

Bezos will join other logistics innovators, such as Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, and James E. Casey, launcher of parcel services and founder of UPS.

emirates skycargo offers new covers for temperature sensitive cargo

Post On 17-08-2017

emirates skycargo offers new covers for temperature sensitive cargo

Emirates SkyCargo is rolling out a new white cover solution developed with DuPont to offer greater protection for temperature sensitive cargo in hot, cold and wet weather conditions.

The Tyvek Xtreme W50 builds on DuPont’s Tyvek high density polyethylene material used in Emirates SkyCargo’s White Cover and White Cover Advanced Solutions to offer more robust protection in changing and extreme weather conditions.

The triple layered cover acts as a shield reflecting solar heat when temperatures are high and as a barrier for conduction preventing heat from escaping when temperatures are low.

The White Cover is breathable and allows water vapour to escape preventing condensation from forming on the surface of the cargo and affecting the integrity of the shipment.

It acts as a single solution that offers a high level of protection in harsh winter as well as summer conditions.

Emirates SkyCargo has been working with DuPont for a number of years to build its portfolio of lightweight thermal cargo covers offering an effective first level of protection for cargo against external heat and weather fluctuations.

The airline introduced ‘White Cover Advanced’ in April 2016 following the earlier success of the ‘White Cover’, used primarily for protecting perishables such as fruit and vegetables, while ‘White Cover Advanced’ is used for pharmaceutical shipments.

The White Cover Xtreme will help shield temperature sensitive shipments including pharmaceuticals, and the two companies have worked extensively on ground trials, and will roll out the new product for customers from late August 2017.

air berlin files for insolvency as etihad pulls funding

Post On 16-08-2017

air berlin files for insolvency as etihad pulls funding

Air Berlin has filed to commence insolvency proceedings at a local Berlin court after leading shareholder Etihad Airways withdrew its financial support.

Air Berlin said in a statement it will continue flying with the help of government loans. it has more than €2.7 billion euros ($3.2 billion) of losses in a little over six years and has net debt of €1.2 billion.

Etihad bought a 29 per cent stake in 2012, but it also announced huge losses of $1.87 billion for the 2016 financial year.

The German carrier says: “Etihad has notified Air Berlin of the fact that it will not provide any further financial support.” It added it has led it to conclude that there is “no longer a positive continuation prognosis.” Etihad’s two board representatives have resigned.

Lufthansa and another unidentified airline are “far advanced” with plans for a partial rescue and a deal could be finalised in the coming weeks. The government is providing a €150 million bridging loan through its Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau promotional bank.

The carrier says negotiations with Lufthansa and other partners regarding the acquisition of business units of Air Berlin are “far advanced and highly promising” and the negotiations may be finalised shortly.

Chief executive officer, Thomas Winkelmann says: “We are working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for the company, our customers and employees, given the situation.”

An Etihad Airways statement says: “This development is extremely disappointing for all parties, especially as Etihad has provided extensive support to airberlin for its previous liquidity challenges and restructuring efforts over the past six years.

“In April this year, Etihad provided €250 million of additional funding to Air Berlin as well as supporting the airline to explore strategic options for the business. However, airberlin’s business has deteriorated at an unprecedented pace, preventing it from overcoming its significant challenges and from implementing alternative strategic solutions.

“Under these circumstances, as a minority shareholder, Etihad cannot offer funding that would further increase our financial exposure. We remain open to helping find a commercially viable solution for all parties.

“We expect airberlin operations to continue during administration. We have a commercial relationship with airberlin across a range of areas, including codeshare operations, and we will support airberlin’s management during these difficult times.

“Germany is an important market for Etihad and Abu Dhabi, and we remain committed to providing comprehensive air links as a key enabler of trade and tourism.”

The UAE carrier also pulled the plug on funding Alitalia in May.

iata fiata program launches in canada

Post On 15-08-2017

iata fiata program launches in canada

The new IATA FIATA Air Cargo Program (IFACP) has been launched in Canada and will be rolled out globally after the Canadian pilot.

The new program replaces the existing Cargo Agency Program, and will be jointly managed by forwarders and airlines as equal partners in the decision-making process.

A new IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB) has been established to run the program, which provides a framework of industry standards that are relevant and in line with best practices and safety regulations.

Existing Cargo Agency Program members will join IFACP with no further assessment and will continue their existing enrollment in Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS), which remains unchanged, under the jurisdiction of the Cargo Agency Conference.

The new IFACP Freight Forwarder Agreement shall govern the relationship between freight forwarders and air carriers participating in the Program.

IATA director of FDS operations, Juan Antonio Rodriguez (pictured above) says: “Simplifying the governance structure reduces the administrative requirement to manage the program.

“Given that more than 80 per cent of transactions are performed by freight forwarders acting as principals, the proposed IFACP better clarifies and validates the business through a buyer-seller relationship.”

IFACP properly addresses the principal-to-principal relationship between freight forwarders and airlines, helping to clarify liability issues on cargo claims, as well as supporting members to work towards key industry goals such as e-freight adoption, he concludes.

During the roll out, current participants of the IATA Cargo Agency/Intermediary Program will be provided with a new agreement and will automatically join IFACP and continue their existing enrollment in CASS once they have signed and returned the paperwork.

New applicants will need to submit a form and meet the defined financial and operational criteria.

FIATA’s Air Freight Institute chairman, Keshav Tanna says: “FIATA is pleased that the implementation phase is now a reality, a true testament to the hard work and sustained efforts of both Forwarders and Carriers over the past few years.

“We are optimistic that the IFACP will foster innovation to deal with the commercial challenges facing the air cargo industry.”

IATA airline members will automatically transfer to the new program on the date on which IATA declares IFACP effective in any given region or country.

Canada is the first territory to pilot the new Program, which was developed to meet the evolving needs of the air cargo industry.

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association executive director, Ruth Snowden says: “Our relatively small, well-connected airline and forwarder community makes Canada a natural for the IFACP pilot country.

“We are pleased that Canada is the first to engage in this new, collaborative program, which better reflects the reality of today’s current principal to principal relationship between airlines and forwarders.”

Previously, cargo agents were ‘selling agents’ for, and on behalf of, airlines, whereas today the majority of forwarders are ‘purchasing customers’ from those airlines, and their business relationship is often as buyer and seller.

new domestic cargo terminal opened at chennai

Post On 14-08-2017

new domestic cargo terminal opened at chennai

A new 1,500 square metre domestic cargo terminal was opened on Friday at Chennai International Airport (pictured above) to meet growing demand, according to media reports in India.

The development was part of a reported investment of Rs 3 crore ($500,000) and can handle about 100 tonnes of freight a day.

Local publications the Times of India and Hindu also report that the operator, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning on building a further three more common user terminals for domestic cargo next year to cater for increasing demand.

Major commodities of domestic cargo handled are said to be light engineering goods, textiles and small electronic goods, but AAI focuses on automobile components and pharmaceuticals.

The AAI is planning a big push in cargo business at Chennai, as volumes have risen 27 per cent this year compared to the same time last year.

Chennai handled 90,423 tonnes of domestic cargo in 2016/17 and a total of 321,952 tonnes of international and domestic cargo, up 51 per cent on 2015/16.

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