TFS Latin Cargo Meet 2015
5th-7th April 2015

TFS Latin Cargo Meet

Brazil At the Freight Summit, forwarders from different countries came together to make use of this neutral network platform to interact with freight forwarders and solutions providers in one place at the same time. This year, we took you to a new networking experience within the event. We notice the need of our freight forwarders to relax and socialize while having business meetings at the same time.

TFS Latin Cargo Meet 2015

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TFS Latin Cargo Meet São Paulo is the name of both one of States of Brazil, and its respective capital. The city of Sao Paulo is the largest and richest in Brazil, and one of the largest in the World. With a booming Economy, Brazil is quickly becoming an important player in World Politics and Economy. And there is no doubt that Sao Paulo is the finance and business capital of Brazil. More and more businesses are setting offices in Sao Paulo; in 2011, more than 10 million foreign people visited the city - most for business purposes. This site is aimed at helping foreigners to conduct business in Sao Paulo.

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