Dubai Event 19th-21th January 2015

Dubai Event

Dubai Event

We are inviting all international forwarders from all over the world to the Middle East! Middle Cargo Meet, the first open freight forwarding event brand, showcases Middle Eastern forwarding companies, while being committed to maintain a friendly environment among the delegates and inform them about payment habits in real time.

Discover the greatest of Dubai Sightseeing

Discover plenty of things to do there with a City Sightseeing

Dubai Event Dubai is a fascinating country with a feast for the sense and tonic for the spirit. Dubai's richness and depth is spiritual and popular culture, its natural beauty, and the heritage of its long, varied history can be discovered, experienced and savored in visit after visit. The Thai charm and hospitality is no hype and, as part of all the sightseeing and fun, many tourists and expatriates make a lasting connection with Thai people.

Conference One To One Meeting

January 19th - 21th, 2015

Members were invited to attend the one to one face to face business meeting, and each member selected online schedule prior to the meeting time. All the pre-qualified freight forwarders attendees applied online to look for the overseas agent, and the delegates were attended the meeting with potential. working together created the mutual beneficiary in business profit and safety.

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