MFN Benefits

No Competition In Our Network

We choose only one member per each port to be our sole representative for this territory , according to the elevation for our network criteria.

The Reasonable Membership Fees

We are a network that offers all these services with reasonable membership fee USD ​1500.

Member Satisfaction

Our main goal is to cover all your needs in freight forwarding world , to prove you that no need for any other network except us.


No need for travelling to dozens of countries and cities to meet new agents , simply you can meet hundreds of reliable agents from the whole world in one place.

Partners All Around The Globe

We connect you with the most reliable and elite members in the whole world.

24/7 Customer Service Support

Our professional team is ready to give you a helping hand anytime.

Online Chatting

On our website we support this new feature , online chatting between our members.

Daily News Broadcasts

Credible and comprehensive up to date news coverage , aggregated from sources all over the world send out daily with the important industry news and membership updates.

Financial Protection Program

As a multimodal freight network member , you are guaranteed with payment protection program up to USD ​50,000 in freight transaction when doing business with one of multimodal freight network members this means peace of mind for you knowing that if something goes wrong , your business will not suffer financially.


Exploring new ways of approaching common business goals.


Simple and quality website which maintain neat and clear manner.

Quick Way

Quick way to improve business through eligible members.

Back Link

Link to your company website.


Competitive insurance rate offers to all members.


Our network Covers 4 different regions.

Annual Evaluation

Annual evaluation for each member and voting for his activities / co-operation with other members and support him if he needs anything to have more business.


voting for the best per each reign to be awarded and another voting for the best member in all network members.

Selection Rules

Strict selection rules and highly selective membership criteria.

NON - Exclusive

NON - Exclusive as members can join other alliances to expand their market potential & worldwide connections.

Multimodal Freight Network MFN Brand

Multimodal Freight Network MFN brand authorized use of multimodal freight network logo in your files and card.

Technical Features

Multimodal Freight Network MFN technical features in our network , we have our own tech / IT administrator.

Well Selected Members

All member are fully verified and well selected.

Business And Industry Growth

Business and industry growth - lowering costs and increasing vendor choices through support for standards and industry interoperability.

Pointing System

Multimodal freight network MFN always looking for the benefits to the members and to encouraging them to work together and based on this principle we are pleased to announce our pointing system program that will help and return money back to our members whom works together.

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